Sue Wilde - WildeSue@65

The Black Agenda Book Shop PosterTrapezium Gallery was pleased to present WildeSue@65, a retrospective exhibition of work showcasing Bradford artist Sue Wilde’s life journey in art, marking this significant birthday and celebrating her love of creativity..

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Winter Wonder Wall '23

Winter Wonder Wall '23 PosterWinter Wonder Wall 2023, our 2nd annual Open Exhibition, brought together over 150 artworks by 44 artists and photographers from across the Bradford district with a whole variety of art forms, including drawing, painting, photography, textiles, crafts, 3D and video.

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The Black Agenda Book Shop

The Black Agenda Book Shop PosterTrapezium Gallery was pleased to present 'The Black Agenda Book Shop' curated by Being Bradford..

In January 1991 a small group of Afrikan and Caribbean parents from Bradford concerned about the mis-education and excessive exclusion from school of their children started The Black Agenda Bookshop, an Afrocentric Library & Bookshop.

This exhibition was a testament to the enduring tenacity and contribution of Bradford’s Afrikan and Caribbean Communities and the stalwart support of many of Bradford’s wider Communities.

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Untold Stories

Untold Stories PosterThis documentary photography exhibition included the work of Bradford photographers: Caro Blount-Shah, Bev Clough, Ann Driver, Abraham Emajaro, Lauren Kelly, Mark Lunn and Cath Muldowney. Their themes displayed aspects of life which they find to be important or unusual.

Themes covered a history of Bradford's key public houses past and present, the effects of leaving rubbish in public spaces and its impact on the environment; a celebration of the phenomenon of the Elvis Tribute Artist and a look at local band Harsh Words and how they are viewed. On a clothing theme, there was the trend of 'vintage' clothing, recycled fashion and second hand shopping and the everyday activity of washing across cultures around the world.

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Not An Art Group - A Day in the Sun

PosterBradford's Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present A Day in the Sun, by Not An Art Group, three artists based in Bradford:Patrick Whitehead,  Rose Jollands and Jochen Gren. Their work is a rich, eclectic body of work, with a mix of print-making, painting, embroidery and collage.

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Bradford Schools of Sanctuary - Compassion

PosterTrapezium Arts was pleased to host ‘Compassion’ An exhibition and workshops for Refugee Week by pupils from schools across Bradford

Produced by Bradford Schools of Sanctuary the exhibition and workshops had over 70 pieces of artwork by schools from across the Bradford District..

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Thom Woodruff, Worldpoet, is back


Bradford's Trapezium Gallery was pleased to be hosting a date in Thom the Worldpoet's diary. It was an afternoon of open mic poetry, and Utube videos from the Austin poetry scene, plus memorabilia from Austin: tee shirts, travel diaries, poetry on the move.

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Marcela Livingston - What If I...?


Marcela Livingston, an artist whose remarkable body of artwork includes pieces which have become Bradford landmarks. Originally from Argentina, Marcela has lived in Bradford since 1988 and works from premises on Sunbridge Road.

'What If I…? How Curiosity Led To Creativity' documented and celebrated Marcela’s extraordinary legacy in creating public artwork around the city of Bradford and beyond. It was a different kind of art exhibition, one where you were free to touch the work.

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The Adventures Of… The First Chapter

PosterTrapezium Gallery were pleased to present THE ADVENTURES OF… THE FIRST CHAPTER, a group exhibition by The Adventures of… Collective.

The Adventures of… Collective was born in Bradford out of a shared passion for creative discord. Meeting each other opened up many enquiring and creative dialogues and although the work is quite different in its meaning and origin, the collective shares an interest in the use of ‘mixed media’. No medium is out of bounds and all members of the collective hunt, scrabble, find and manipulate a range of objects and materials.

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Aire Valley Arts - Life's Rich Tapestry

PosterTrapezium Gallery were pleased to present Life's Rich Tapestry by Aire Valley Arts, a group of highly committed visual artists based in West Yorkshire, working in a contemporary context.

Formed in 1995, their aim is to make a dynamic contribution to the arts in the community and beyond, by holding events, exhibitions and workshops, whilst providing a supportive forum for its now sixteen members.of local artists. The first members were brought together by Daniel Paulo and Peter Marsden after placing an advertisement in the local newspaper, hoping to find fellow artists, who would ease the isolation of the artist and join them to pool resources and provide opportunities not readily accessible to individuals.

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