Submit Your Work (Open and Themed)

Trapezium Online GalleriesWe are looking for submissions to our Themed ('Light' and 'Change') galleries as well as our monthly Open galleries.


Work in any medium will be accepted, eg. printmaking, drawing, sculpture, the crafts, etc. You may submit multiple works.

We're trying not to overload any of the galleries with too many from a single artist, but we are happy to accept up to 4 works from an artist during any 2 week period.


To submit your work for consideration in our Online Galleries please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Please state if your submission is for the Monthly Open Gallery or a Themed Gallery ('Light' or 'Change')


The email must contain:

  • Artist’s name
  • Where you're from eg. Postcode or Area
  • Contact Email

For all works submitted:

  • Title
  • Medium
  • Aprox Date Produced(1)
  • Filename of submitted image


(1) Mainly so we can differentiate between work pre Covid-19 lockdown and those produced during


Image Requirements of work for inclusion in gallery(2)

  • Image Size should ideally be at least 1000 pixel for the shortest dimension.
  • Image file can be either JPEG. PNG or TIFF format with a maximum file size of 3MB.
  • The Filename format should be Surname_Forname_Title of Work


(2) Copyright of Material Supplied

  • Please ensure that you own the copyright to all images submitted.
  • The copyright of all material supplied remains vested in the artist, but the right is reserved for Trapezium Arts to reproduce any of the works in connection with the exhibition, and its publicity, free of charge.


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